Bugzilla - why, and how?

Bugzilla is free and open to anyone who registers with it. The big advantage here is that many users can share bug information, or view feature requests or planned new features and track these, in true open source fashion. From time to time we will also publish patched prerelease versions by attaching them to their relevant bugs.

With more complex bugs, to help us helping you better, you should also refer to the troubleshooting section. It describes how to create an error log.

When submitting new bug reports, please search first whether the bug is already submitted to avoid yours being marked as duplicate.
For feature requests, submit a bug and select "enhancement" in the severity dropdown:

feature request

QuickFolders uses Bugzilla to maintain information on all bugs. It is relatively easy to submit a bug report or upload screen shots, you will have to create a free account with bugzilla to do this. As with a lot of the Software under the Mozilla development envelope this is also a very community driven experience, the more people contribute the better and more efficient work on future versions of QuickFolders will be.

If you have found a bug it may be helpful to create an error log using Console².

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Bug Reports

Latest bugs filed for QuickFolders

Bug #Description
26616 folder tree icons without tab don't persist between sessions
26612 Only 1 row of tabs visible after update to Thunderbird 60.3.2.
26602 quickMove - autofill with last executed quickJump / quickMove.
26600 Newly created folders should show up in Recent folders.
26592 Recent Folder items not working in Thunderbird 52
26590 Broken context menu command/s (Empty Junk...)
26589 Selecting folders by right-click on foldertabs does not work
26575 Thunderbird 60: QF context menus broken.
26473 Added toolbar button to create subfolder (within the current folder)
26572 Tab Context Menus close prematurely
26566 Thunderbird 60 doesn't show custom icons in folder tree
26565 Execute quickJump / quickMove with [Enter] if unique match
26570 Only show "Mark Folder Read" command if folder has unread mails
26571 Add Option to hide QuickFolders commands submenu
26560 Drag Current folder to toolbar is not creating new QF tab
26559 Drag Menu Item to toolbar is not creating new QF tab
26517 Support moving multiple folders using Drag + Drop
26473 Added toolbar button to create subfolder (within the current folder)
26489 ESR 2018 readiness - Make QuickFolders compatible with Thunderbird 60
26475 Added Navigation Button [Skip to next Unread Folder] on Current Folder Toolbar.
26558 Moving to/via QuickFolders not working (Phoenity Theme)
26474 "Tab-Specific Properties…" Add Option to apply mail settings to all subfolders
26481 Reading List: click on bookmarked mail should switch to already open mail Tab
26439 Thunderbird 57 hangs on start with quickFilters enabled
26313 Dragging quickfolder tabs (to re-order) broken in Tb 50.0b3
26295 keyboard shortcuts to move email to folder and to quick-move
26294 Writes (moves) to folder which doesn't really exist and loose them
26283 Allow using Tab alias names for quickmove / new subfolder
26268 Increased maximum width of popup menus for reading long folder pathes.
26258 Postbox: collapsed accounts are not switched when clicking account tab
26227 If none of the keyboard shortcuts in general settings are active, quickJump / quickMove keys will also not work.
26224 Dragging emails / folders to quickfolder tab broken in Tb 50.0
26223 Notification Window is Larger and in workspace
26203 Suppress Notification after quickMove operation
26202 Shift-[Key] shortcuts interferes with Tb Conversations Addon