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: only show "Mark Folder Read" command if folder has unread...
Bug#: 26570
: QuickFolders
: General
Resolution: FIXED
: PC
: Windows NT
: unspecified
: P3
: enhancement
: ---

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Reporter: Axel Grude <>
Assigned To: Axel Grude <>



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Description:   Opened: 2018-08-03 02:47
In Advanced > Menu Configuration > Mail Commands, when  the options "Mark
Folder Read" is active, then this menu item is always shown on the top of the
QF tab popup list. This should be modified to only show up if the folder has
unread items in it.
------- Comment #1 From Axel Grude 2018-08-03 03:33:42 -------
At the moment, the menus are pre-created and not rebuilt every time a
QuickFolders tab is clicked. However, since folders with unread email get the
class "has-unread" applied to them a simple workaround is hiding the command
depending on the owning button property:

toolbarbutton:not(.has-unread) #folderPaneContext-markMailFolderAllRead {
        display: none;

This is not 100% perfect as folders which do have subfolder with unread mail
are classified in the same way, but it's a good first approximation.
------- Comment #2 From Axel Grude 2018-10-16 05:22:08 -------
Implemented in 4.11, released on 16/10/2018

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