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A list of common questions & answers and also some tweaks that can be done to better suit QuickFolders to your mail client. These apply to all supported Mozilla based mail clients such as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Postbox.

Important News Flash!

Bug 422809 is fixed by Thunderbird 3.0.3; Click here for the bug description.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An important Feature is missing! Where can I request this?
Go to the QuickFolders Bugzilla Page, and then raise a new bug - but before you head there have a look at our easier to read latest bugs page, chances are somebody else has already suggested something along these lines.If not, please raise a new bug.
Something is not working, I think there is a bug, what do I do?
Report the bug or contact me directly. Get as much information as possible, a good starting point is Tools / Error Console.
The most comfortable way to do the error console is to use console2 - its always the very first extension I install on any Thunderbird installation as it is so handy for troubleshooting.
Download Console2 here
Then you can just highlight a range of messages and copy it to the clipboard. The other advantage of Console2 is that it has advanced filtering capabilities - you can disable debugging Content (in TB, that would be errors caused by html emails, such as missing outlook CSS rules) and CSS warnings. To get started, click on [All] (to log errors, warnings and messages) then disable "Content" (for QF bugs, we do not need to debug the emails themselves).
Can QuickFolders open a new mail tab for me?
From version 1.8.8, you can hold down [CTRL] while clicking a QuickFolder tab, this will open the folder in a new tab. (Does not apply to TB 2).
Is there a debug mode?
There are several debug options that cause more information message in the they can be set in about:config - or by right clicking the "Debug" checkbox on the first Options page: The Debug checkbox must be checked for any of the other debug options to be effective.

This will minimize the amount of reading / copying / pasting of error messages. As of version 1.8 the following debug "types" are available: css, DragAndDrop, Events, Folders, Popup menus, mail Tabs.
Can I contact you directly?
Yes, any feedback regarding QuickFolders is strongly encouraged - the easiest way is from the options / support dialog:

Contact Me
I can see no colors on my Folder Tabs. Why is this?
In Options, on the "Pimp my Tabs" page, activate "Display Tabs as Flat style" and make sure not to select "Shell Style Tabs". Without this the QuickFolders are just displayed as ordinary toolbar buttons, which takes away a lot of their style-ability.
Can I use other colors than the ones in the palette?
There is actually a plugin that allows you to pick from more colors; it is called rainbowpicker and overwrites the default color picker. You can pick colors from a color area or enter Hex values
One that is compatible with TB2+TB3 can be found here
QuickFolders is great but... it looks ugly. How can I change that?
Scroll down to the Layout Tweaks section for some handy CSS and more UI teaking.
Can I reorder the Tabs?
Just drag the Tabs on top of each other - do not try to drag a tab into the gap between two tabs, it will only be put to the far right then.This is what it should look like:
Dragging Tabs
Some of my Folders disappear at the bottom of the screen!
That's a bug specific to Thunderbird 3.0.1, you can fix it, by upgrading to the latest version of Thundebird, 3.0.3.
in Linux I cannot see menu icons!
If in Ubuntu, try changing the following setting: gconf-editor /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons
What is UserChrome???
The UserChrome file is your personal "makeup kit" for changing all visual aspects of Thunderbird - for how to use it, skip down to the Tweaks Section "How to Edit userChrome.css"
You're brilliant. Can I reward you?
First of all, pass on the good news about QuickFolders to all other Thunderbird/SeaMonkey/Postbox users you know. You're always welcome to send me (Axel) emails directly from the Options / Support tab, but I am also very grateful to donations: Just click here for detail.

Layout Tweaks

In order to style QuickFolders to your needs, above and beyond the options available on the "Pimp my Tabs" page, you can edit the userChrome file and add some style rules. If you know about CSS then you might find the following diagram helpful:
Toolbar Legend
These can be used in userChrome.css which you can edit using tools like "Edit Config Files..."

Some Examples For Re-Styling QuickFolders

Add any of the following CSS rules to your userChrome.css file. For the geeks, there is a more detailed article about customizing Mozilla here.

If there are any special ones I haven't mentioned, please send me an email - see link at the bottom of the page. I will publish the best ones here.