Latest News (01/September/2019) - more QuickFolders Thunderbird 68 Compatibility

QuickFolders 4.16 adds even more changes to support the latest version of Thunderbird - the next ESR period (2019-2020) is starting this month. The release version is already published and will be pushed out as autopmatic update to users soon. Latest changes include:

Note that any versions uploaded at will from now on be restricted to only contain an English and German locale, as there is a hard limit for attachments of 1000 Kbyte.

Premium Feature: quickJump

A super quick way to find folders and Tabs by entering part of their name:

Click on the quickJump button (or use the configurable keyboard shortcut SHIFT+J in QuickFolders Pro):
quick Jump
A Search box opens where you can type a folder name and hit [Enter]. Or hit the [Down] key or mouse to select from the list of suggestions.
Find Folder results
If exactly one matching folder is found Thunderbird will jump to it immediately. If multiple folders match a dropdown will show. Selecting the folder (or tab) name will jump to the folder.
Select Find Folder from the menu again if you want to hide the search box.

Premium Feature: quickMove

Uses the same button for moving mails to any folder:

Simply drag some mails up to the quickJump button (or use the configurable keyboard shortcut SHIFT+M in QuickFolders Pro), and then type the name of the target folder. The name is shown in red to indicate that mails are going to be moved. Note that you can gather mails multiple times and even from different folders - the mails won't be moved to the destination until you click on the suggestion on the search box.

Start typing to get relevant folder suggestions:

Clicking a folder name will move the dragged emails to the new destination and complete the quickMove operation.

You can also use this button for jumping to a folder by clicking it (quickJump).

The Escape key will hide the red box temporarily. You can right-click the button to display more options and the list of emails that are lined up for moving:

You can open the emails in a tab by clicking them.

Major Features

Palette Types

It is now possible to select independent palettes for the different tab states selected / hover / dragover / uncolored.:
new palette selections

this way the signalling of important states (such as the current folder) can be made to stick out so it can be located much more easily.

Also the new architecture of palette options makes it easier to add different palettes in future versions.

Older Versions, Beta Versions

Older versions can be downloaded here, although I do not recommend it; also you can download some of the betas that I am generating when I fix ongoing issues. Some of these might also be on bugzilla as patches.
I usually fix bugs fairly quickly but you might find some of these buggy - you have been warned:

Version Details

All dates are displayed in UK format: dd/mm/yyyy - you can request any version that is marked as not released or any old version listed; just send me a personal email from the quickfolders options dialog / on the Support tab - [(Jump to Screen Shot)].

Contact Me Directly

The quickest way to contact me (apart from filing a bug report): Right-click the QuickFolders toolbar, select QuickFolders support, then click the last button:

Contact Me!

Or click below to send an email

My other Extensions - highly recommended


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Zombie Keys

Zombie Keys for Firefox / SeaMonkey ; Zombie Keys for Thunderbird / Postbox

Entering European languages (which include diacritics (accented characters, diaeresis, umlauts, etc.), ligatures, the Euro sign, etc.) into Mozilla applications using a non-native keyboards doesn't have to be a pain any more!


QuickPasswords for Firefox / SeaMonkey; QuickPasswords for Thunderbird / Postbox
this is a very neat and quick way to retrieve and use a growing number of passwords, without displaying them on screen or having to re-type them. Also supports renaming of multiple passwords!


SmartTemplate4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates. Templates can be created for every account as well as for global settings (for all email accounts).