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: Auto processing of filters with tags when option is off
Bug#: 26457
: quickFilters
: General
Resolution: FIXED
: PC
: Windows NT
: unspecified
: P2
: normal
: ---

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Reporter: Justin Williams <>
Assigned To: Axel Grude <>

Current options set for QuickFilter (60.89 KB, image/png)
2017-12-12 05:37, Justin Williams
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Short video of the filters triggering from selecting an email that is already tagged (490.40 KB, video/mp4)
2017-12-12 05:39, Justin Williams
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3.4.1 prerelease 2 (383.30 KB, application/x-xpinstall)
2017-12-12 09:25, Axel Grude
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3.4.1 prerelease 4 (383.72 KB, application/x-xpinstall)
2017-12-12 11:39, Axel Grude
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Description:   Opened: 2017-12-12 05:37
Created an attachment (id=8351) [details]
Current options set for QuickFilter

With the update to QuickFilters 3.4 any emails that are tagged as Done by
filters or manually get archived automatically even though the filter that is
used to archive them is set to manually.

If I manually tag a message with Done it will process the archive filter and
remove them from the inbox.

If the messages are tagged by filters, as soon as I click on the email to view
it is processed by the filters and archived.

If I remove the tags and move them back to the inbox from the archive they are
rearchived because the filters are ran again and the messages tagged as Done
and moved back into the Archive. Even though I'm not marking the messages as

I've tinkered with disabling other extensions that affect the filtering and
have not been able to get this to stop happening.

I've removed extensions I no longer or rarely use and this still happens.

I've updated TB to 52.5.0 from 52.4.0 and it still happens.

It does stop happening when I downgrade QuickFilters to the previous version.

My current Extensions in TB.

Application: Thunderbird 52.5.0 (20171121193617)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)

- Account Colors 9.2
        Associates colors with account names and identities. Applies colors to
folder tree, message list and message headers accordingly.
- Adblock Plus 2.9.1
        Ads were yesterday!
- Address Close Button 1.3
        Allow you to add a Address Close Button to mail compose window.
- AddressBookTab 1.5
        It adds a button that can be put in toolbars and that open the
addressbook in a new tab
- Always HTML 1
        Disable automatic degradation of HMTL mails to plain-text mails.
- AttachExtraTools 1.7.1
        Adds some tools to attach files
- Attachment Search Tab 0.4.3
        Adds a tool to search attachments
- Auto Address Cleaner 1.0.4
        Remove comment, display name from addresses before sending mail.
- Auto Save Drafts Folders 0.3.0b1
        Allows auto saved drafts to be stored in a separate folder from
manually saved drafts.
- Autohide folders panel 0.6
        Extension automatically hides the folders panel. The folder panel can
be seen by placing the mouse pointer in the left corner of the window or by
Accel-1 shortkey.
- Batch Copy 1.1
        Batch Copy creates a local copy of your IMAP account, copies all
messages and maintains folder structure. Batch Copy can run incrementally to
copy only new messages.
- Calendar Tweaks 6.3
        Allows several tweaks to the Thunderbird/Lightning calendar user
interface including new selection styles and repeating event icons.
- Change quote and reply format
        Change the reply header and the reply format
- checkCompatibility 1.3.1-signed.1-signed
        Reinstates the extensions.checkCompatibility preference.
- Clean Links 2.7.1-signed.1-signed
        Converts obfuscated/nested links to genuine clean links
- Color Folders 1.1
        Color Folder Treeview Icons.
- CompactHeader 2.1.3
        Add ability to reduce header size to one or two lines. Linkify subjects
in RSS feeds.
- Contacts Sidebar 1.7pre
        Displays the address books in a sidebar in the 3-pane-window.
- Copy Folder 2.1
        Copy folders recursively to any location.
- Count Filters 1.0
        This add-on provides various search filters couting values, such as
total number of recipients, or number of lines, words,links in body message.
- Deselect on Delete 2.0
        Disables selection of the next message when deleting
- Display Mail User Agent 1.7.0
        Displays the mail program with which the selected mail was written
- Display Quota 0.3.7
        This extension will display the current status of your quota in
thunderbird's statusbar and will warn you when you reach a configurable limit.
- Download Status Bar
        If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over
every aspect of your downloads, "Download Status Bar" is the add-on you are
looking for.
- Dropbox for Filelink 1.0.1
        Add Dropbox support to Thunderbird's Filelink feature.
- Duplicate Contact Manager 0.9.2
        Facilitates handling of duplicate contacts in your address books.
- Edit email subject 2.1.0
        Edit received e-mail subjects.
- EditHtml
        Gives a way to edit the HTML code of the mail
- Exchange EWS Provider 3.9.0
        Allows you to sync Calendar, Tasks and Contacts with your Microsoft
Exchange 2007/2010/2013 EWS server from within lightning.

You can view, delete, create and update calendar and task/todo items. And
manage "Out of Office" settings.
You can read and use contacts and global addres list contacts for address

Dutch, French, English, German, Swedish and Japanese localizations.

Some of the icons and images used are from the Fugue Icons Collection made by
Yusuke Kamiyamane (
- Expression Search / Google Mail UI 1.2
        Type "from:fred to:tom" to see all messages from Fred to Tom in the
current view.
- ExtendIMAPFilters 1.0.1 (Disabled)
        Enable filters on new IMAP read messages (bug 308148)
- Extension List Dumper 2 1.0.2
        Dumps a list of the installed extensions.
- Filelink 1.0.1
        Enables automatic linking of large file attachments through
- FiltaQuilla 1.2.2.kzA1-ZAB
        Mail filter custom actions and searches
- Folder Filters Button 1.3
        Toolbar button to execute Run Filters on Folders from Tools menu
- FolderFlags 1.2.6
        Allows users to edit the flags Thunderbird sets on folders.
- Folderpane Tools 0.6.1
        Allows for customization of the folder pane such as rearranging
accounts and choosing a startup folder.
- GlodaQuilla 0.3.3
        Global Indexing enhancements
- Header Tools Lite 0.6.1
        Allows to modify the header and the source of messages.
- Hide C. Titlebar Plus Lite 1.3.7
        "Maximize your screen content space by controlling the presence of
Thunderbird window Title bar.   Adds Main Application Button at top-left
corner. (like Firefox has).  Close Tab! instead of Close Window  for System
Close Button or ALT+F4."
- Highlighter 0.6.5
        Quickly highlight some text in the thunderbird compose windows.
- Incoming Addresses Collector 0.3.3
        Allows to collect incoming addresses
- keyconfig 20110522
        Rebind your keys.
- Lightning 5.4.5
        Integrated Calendaring & Scheduling for your Email client
- Lightning Calendar Tabs 2.0
        An addon which extends the Lighting calendar views with tabs.
- LocalFolder 0.8.10
        Add as many local folders as you want to.
- LookOut (fix version) 1.2.20
        LookOut reads and integrates TNEF encoded parts in emails.
- Mail Merge 4.9.1
        Mass Mail and Personal Mail
- Mail Redirect 0.9.3
        Allow to redirect (a.k.a. "remail") mail messages to other recipients.
- Mail Summaries 4.0a1
        Adds a summary of mail accounts and folders to replace the account
central pane and the empty folder preview
- MailHops 3.1.4
        MailHops maps the route an email traveled to get to you.  Using GeoIP
it also displays distance traveled along with the location (city, state and
country) of the sender.
- Message Archive Options 5.0.0
        Adds the ability to customise the date format of the archive folders
created by TB3's Archive Message function
- More About 3.0.0
        Adds "about:" menu and button.
- MoreFunctionsForAddressBook 1.0b3
        Adds some functions to the AddressBook
- No Message Pane Sorting by Mouse 1.2
        This extension prevents accidental sorting of the message pane by
disabling the mouse button clicks on the column headers. You can still sort the
message pane easily by ctrl-clicking the header.
- NoComposeAccount 1.3.2
        Have the option of Thunderbird always using the default account or a
blank account when composing or replying to messages
- Personal Level Indicators 0.8
        Shows an indicator so you can tell if an email was addressed only to
you (»), a group (›), or a mailing list.
- PrintingTools 1.2.5
        Add some options for message and addressbook printing
- ProfileSwitcher
        Adds profile name to status bar tooltip and options to launch other
- QuickFilter Unreplied 1.1
        Adds a filter to show only unreplied emails
- QuickFilterPlus 1.0.9
        Adds personal filters to quickfilter bar
- quickFilters 3.4
        Quickly generate mail filters on the fly, by dragging and dropping
mails and analyzing their attributes.
- QuickFilterToolbar 1.0
        Makes the quick filter bar a proper toolbar.
- QuickFolders 4.8
        Bookmark your favorite mail folders in Thunderbird.
- Quicktext
        Adds a toolbar with unlimited number of text to quickly insert. It's
also possible to use variables like [[TO=firstname]]. With settings for
- RedirectFilter 0.1.8
        Redirect action in the filters.
- ReFwdFormatter 1.58.0
        Remove the ">" prefix from quote. Remove "[" and "]" from the forward
- Remove Duplicate Messages 0.1.14
        Removes duplicate messages by folder context menu.
- Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate) 0.3.14 (Disabled)
        Locates duplicate messages in mail folders and removes them.
- Reply to All as Cc 1.5.1
        Send a reply for recipients as CC except the sender, when you do "Reply
to All".
- ReplySearch 0.1.6
        Tool to find the replies to a message
- Restart 3.0.2
        Adds "Restart" menu and button.
- Saved Password Editor 2.10.4
        Adds the ability to create and edit entries in the password manager.
- SavedSearchInSubFolders 1.3
        Just let that saved search folder search in subfolders!
- Search as list 3.1
        Search results appear as list (as per the "Open email as list" button).
- Search Results Sort By Date Not Relevance 1.14
        Makes search results sort by "date" instead of "relevance" by default.
- SecondOpinion 1.0
        This extension implements a convenient way to check and upload
attachments to
- Send Later 6.3.1
        True “Send Later” functionality to schedule the time for sending an
- SlideShow 1.4.8
        Slideshow for picture attachments
- Sort and Search Customization Dialogs
        Sort and search buttons in toolbar customization dialog
- SortTags 0.2
        Allows to sort tags
- Stylish 2.1.1
        Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager.
- Subject Manager 0.5.1
        Allows to manage email subject.
- Tag Toolbar 0.9.00
        Add toolbar for toggling tags.
- Text Link 5.0.2016031501
        Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.
- ThreadVis 2.2.0
        Displays a small graphic visualising the context (thread) of the
currently selected email.
- ThunderSec 2.0.2
        Provides security features for Mozilla Thunderbird. These include DNSBL
and RBL support, DKIM and SPF failure verifications. DNSBL support can be used
to leverage Spamhaus, and other DNSBL/RBL databases, including custom
- Timeline 0.5
        A timeline calendar view
- Today's messages 1.3.1
        Show only your today's messages
- ToneQuilla 1.1.1
        Play sound as mail filter action
- Toolbar Buttons 1.1.1-signed.1-signed
        Adds toolbar buttons to the customize toolbar window in several
programs including Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.  Some of the buttons
make commonly preformed actions quicker, others add new functionality.
- Trashcan 1.1
        Provides a Trashcan for Lightning
- Version Number in Add-ons Manager 1.09
        Easily viewable version information in the Firefox/Thunderbird Add-ons
- WebApp Tabs 2.1
        Load WebApps into tabs in Thunderbird
- XNote++ 2.2.13
        Add Post-It to your mails.
- Xpunge 0.6
        Empties the Trash and Junk folders, and compacts folders in multiple
Thunderbird accounts.
------- Comment #1 From Justin Williams 2017-12-12 05:39:04 -------
Created an attachment (id=8352) [details]
Short video of the filters triggering from selecting an email that is already
------- Comment #2 From Axel Grude 2017-12-12 07:21:16 -------
The bug (which v displays a notification 

Apply filters to selected message

) can also be caused by having the XNote++ Add-on installed.

As a workaround, filter notifications can be completely disabled by setting the
config setting:


This disables all notifications when filters are run manually. 
------- Comment #3 From Axel Grude 2017-12-12 09:25:18 -------
Created an attachment (id=8353) [details]
3.4.1 prerelease 2

Test version where autofiltering (on tag change) is by default disabled. It can
bee reenabled by setting

extensions.quickfilters.listener.tags.autofilter = true

I was able to reproduce the bug with xnote++ installed by tagging messages in
various folders.
------- Comment #4 From Axel Grude 2017-12-12 10:52:58 -------
At the moment I default to not filtering on tagging, which in hindsight may not
be the optimal solution. instead I think it might be best to have this as an
option and just simply suppress the filtering message in that case. This way it
is less disruptive but the filters still can optionally react to the tag
change, which was actually a useful feature in my books.
------- Comment #5 From Axel Grude 2017-12-12 11:39:16 -------
Created an attachment (id=8354) [details]
3.4.1 prerelease 4

Added an option for auto filtering and removed the message as well.
------- Comment #6 From Axel Grude 2019-05-17 04:25:03 -------
Fixed: Version 3.4.1 Released Dec. 19, 2017

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