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: quickMove - move mails to any folder by entering name
Bug#: 25825
: QuickFolders
: General
Resolution: FIXED
: PC
: Windows NT
: unspecified
: P3
: enhancement
: ---

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Reporter: Axel Grude <>
Assigned To: Axel Grude <>

3.15 prerelease 293 (517.06 KB, application/x-xpinstall)
2014-08-07 06:54, Axel Grude
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Description:   Opened: 2014-08-07 06:51
Similar to the nostalgy addon (and the quick move feature in Postbox) - add a
control (tab, area or button) in the QuickFolders toolbar where we can pull
emails and then enter the name of any folder or QuickFolder in order to move
the email there.
------- Comment #1 From Axel Grude 2014-08-07 06:54:29 -------
Created an attachment (id=7909) [details]
3.15 prerelease 293

This version adds a quickMove button on the left hand side of the Tab area.
Once mails are dropped to this, a search-panel is opened allowing the users to
enter a folder (order QuickFolder) name. Selecting an entry from the dropdown
of folders will move the mails into this folder.
------- Comment #2 From Axel Grude 2014-08-07 07:04:37 -------
Detailed Description:

1. drag mail(s) to the new "quickMove" button.

A number beside the button will show how many emails were added. Step (1) can
be repeated even with mails from different source folders. The list will *not*
be saved across Mail Sessions (it is cleared as soon as you exit Thunderbird).

1a) clicking the button with emails prepared will list the emails currently
queued for moving, plus the following commands

- Jump to folder (don't move mails)
  This will temporarily suspend the "move" action and use the text panel for
jumping to a folder instead

- Cancel quickMove
  Hides the Search box and resets the list of mails

- Hide Folder Name box
  Hides the Search box but retains the list.

1b) clicking the button when there are *no* mails lined up shows the "Find
folder..." Search panel instead. Enter a folder name to *jump* to the folder.

Note: clicking on a mail title in the menu will open the email in a separate
message tab.

2. start to enter folder name:

Folder (And QuickFolder) name matches are shown. if less than 3 letters are
entered only the beginnings of words are matched. More than 2 letters will also
show matches that contain the text (anywhere). The search is case-insensitive.

Hitting the [ESC] key will hide the search box (but won't clear the quickMove
mail list)

3. Click on the destination folder (or choose with cursor keys and hit Enter)
==> mail will be moved to it.
------- Comment #3 From Axel Grude 2015-05-17 01:34:57 -------
This was fully implemented in 4.0.3 closing as fixed

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